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The Milwaukee Servoelectric Guitar Project

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Neko-echo servoguitar (stepper motors)

Buzzsaw servoguitar (two Arduinos!)

Two string autotuning Servo-string Guitar

Slackwire servoguitar

Midi-controlled Servo-string Guitar

Physical String Synthesizer

Midi-controlled Servo-string

Guthman Reference Design

Guthman reference servoelectric guitar

Arduino Design

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arduino based servoelectric guitar

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Welcome to the Milwaukee Servoelectric Guitar Project

The Milwaukee Servoelectric Guitar Project is a volunteer effort to promote the advancement of servoelectric guitars and their design. Learn how to build this versatile instrument and advance the boundaries of experimental music.

What Is a Servo Electric Guitar?

A servoelectric guitar is a fretless guitar that is played by controlling servomotors that change the tension of the strings over an octave or more on a real-time basis. Tuning is maintained by closed loop tension feedback for rapid and predictable response. Relatively small electrical motors and DC servo amplifiers are possible through a novel compensator spring design.

How Hard Is It To Build A Servo Electric Guitar?

Using the Milwaukee servoelectric guitar design, a servoelectric guitar can be constructed with a relatively modest home workshop having a jigsaw and electric drill and using standard components available from a hardware store, electronic supply catalog, hobbyist websites, and surplus parts dealers. The project is not simple, however. You should have access to basic electronic equipment including a voltmeter and oscilloscope and a good working knowledge of electrical circuitry or friend who has such knowledge. The current prototype was constructed using the additional tools of the table saw, drill press, and power sander.

What Can I Do with a Milwaukee Servoelectric Guitar

The Milwaukee servoelectric guitar design and the contents of this website are free to use under an attribute/non-commercial/share-alike open-source license. Guitars built under this license can be used in both commercial and non-commercial performances.

How Can I Support the Milwaukee Servoelectric Guitar Project?

Build a guitar and send us photos to display on this site or get one of our custom designed shirts to wear

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